Education System in Congo

Primary level education in the Republic of the Congo takes six years. The average age at which children arrive at school is 5 to 6 years. Primary school consists of six grades; two preparatory, two elementary, and two medium classes. At the end of the second medium class students need to write secondary school entry test. 

Secondary school in Congo takes seven years. It consists of two parts, the first one being "college", and the second "lycee". the term "college" refers to the first four grades of the Secondary School, including Grades 7, 8, 9 and 10. And, the term "lycee" (or lycee) refers to the three subsequent grades of Secondary Level, including Grades 11, 12 and 13. 

There are three kinds of lycees in Congo: Agricultural, Technical and General Lycees.

At Agricultural Lycee students take theory and practical classes related to agriculture. At Technical Lycee, students are provided with skills on technological field, including mechanics, engineering and architecture, among others. All other students go to the General Lycee. 

Upon entering General Lycee, students are asked to choose in Grade 10 which division they want to enter in. In fact, The General Lycee consists of two sections with three grades each. The students interested in sciences go to the S division, whereas others go to LE division. Students in Grade 11S which are interested in biological and/or earth sciences, go to Subdivision D, others interested in physics and mathematics go to Subdivision C. Students in Grade 11LE interested in economics, go to Subdivision B (for Business), while those interested in languages go to Subdivision A2. Those interested in human sciences enter sub-division A3. Other students go to subdivision A1. At Grade 13, every student is required to write Senior School Higher Certificate Examination. 

The Senior School Higher Certificate Examination is a mandatory requirement to apply for higher education and other post secondary programmes.
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